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20 Dec Purrvanas have been mailed out

Greetings Jenkites,

I have mailed out all of the Purrvana kickstarter reward packages, apart from the three people who are yet to send me reference photos for their cat portraits. I’ve contacted you three individually and hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you everyone for contributing to this campaign and allowing me to create this book for you. Happy holidays!


Daniel de Sosa
Daniel de Sosa

Is the creator of medieval irish comic series “Oi!” – a tale that focuses on a Bard who is finding his footing in a small town that’s never heard music before. His manga influenced work is often melded with his love of the elaborate work of european comic artists such as Moebius. When he’s not labouring over his richly detailed work, De Sosa enjoys dipping his face into history books, often smearing it with book-ink to create the illusion of war-paint.

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